People pay a lot of attention to alkaline water last few years. There are reports that it helps fighting cancer and even obesity. However, the market is full of different machines and systems that offer to make alkaline water for you and your family. We will look deeper into alkaline filter systems that are offered in Singapore because we notice that increased consumption should be justified.

Why does alkaline water become so popular?

People want to live healthier, but they sadly don’t have time to pay attention to every little detail in their food and drinks. That’s why the market will benefit every single time when providing something that saves time and it is healthy and easy to reach. The reach to water has always been a delicate topic for people especially when the need of clear water is urgent. Alkaline water is more than clear water offered with easy access. It is ionized water that helps our pH balance to stay above 5.0 pH. Anything above 5 pH is considered as alkaline and you may be surprised but a lot of bad things happens in our bodies if we have acidic environment all the time. Every pH under 5pH is considered as acidic. In order to avoid the unpleasant effect of fast food, polluted air, bacteria and infections, people try to alkaline their water and to change their pH balance. What is easier than using a filtration system, which filters tap water from the sink. We will explain the filtration levels and you will know what you need before browsing the web to order one for yourself and your family.



What are the filters?

Usually, there are 4 filters that make the magic. The first one is called Sediment filter and helps water to be cleaned and separated from big particles. In other words, it helps sanitization and divides unpleasant particles from the pure water. This helps a lot in places where sanitization is not a good one. Fortunately, Singapore is lucky to have a good sanitation water system so you shouldn’t worry about that. The second filtration is called Ultra Filtration Membrane Filter. It is a film that has pores big 0.01 microns so almost nothing can’t go through it. The second filter aims to stop different impurities and microbes not to enter through the system. Of course, the water is tastier without them. The third filter is the most important one for alkalization – Anti Oxidant Filter. The name explains everything, right? A special part, bioceramic part, works its magic and divides the water into atoms and eventually, we drink them charged with alkaline pH. Our metabolism is thankful, and we are happy enough to tell a good word to our friends for alkaline water. The last filter is Pre-Carbon Filter. It has a special assignment to remove all natural chemicals, like pesticides, chlorine, and herbicides. Carbon has the ability to absorb substances so it is a good addition to alkaline water filter system.

Alkaline dispensers and water filtration systems are easy to find in Singapore. You have to pay attention to the quality only, offers one of the best alkaline water filter system. If you read carefully information about filters, you will be able to recognize the quality alkaline water filters from the rest. However, if you need some vital improvement in your life find this system that is installed under the sink and change your life for good. Alkaline water will energize your body and mind so easy that you will not be able to realize how you live without it until now.