I am an average 40 years woman and I already have 2 kids. I am not planning to have more so today I will tell you what I have decided for my body. My youngest son is 9 years old. When he went to school first year I had a plenty time for myself. I have been decided to exercise regularly and to achieve abs that I have been always dreaming of.

Do you know how hard is to achieve tight abdominal area?

Extremely! I had a regime and a trainer. My weight was 30 kilos less but I still needed some improvements. I have tried dieting less meat, then I have tried to eat only meat and skip carbs. Eventually, final results were OK, but they weren’t fascinated. I wanted more. Unfortunately, we have fat that is stubborn, and we can’t remove it no matter what we do. That’s why I have started to look for a way out of this situation. I had a goal and I wanted to achieve it. My abs were waiting for me to reveal them.

What abdominals are made of?

The biggest muscle from abdominals is external abdominal. It is thin and broad. The fibres are vertically distributed because this muscle has to work a lot during the day. Every patient who has recovered from stomach liposuction knows how hard is to stand or to move if your abs are suppressed by swelling. Every flexion forces all muscles to work together in the stomach area. Imagine that every time you reach for your glass on the table, your abs are working. You don’t feel that but it is happening. However, these moves are happening no matter if your abs are visible or are under the fat tissue.

The rest of my story.

Imagine me, so desperate that didn’t want to diet anymore, didn’t want to exercise – if it is not effective, you start losing hope. That’s why I woke up one morning and tell myself that I am going to have stomach liposuction. After that, I discussed it with my husband and found a clinic in Singapore. I don’t know if you are familiar with this topic but Singapore is like a paradise for people who want to have a plastic surgery. Singapore is famous not only with clinics but with surgeons who have international experience, like Dr Samuel Ho. He was my stomach liposuction surgeon, and he was extremely polite and caregiving.



My stomach liposuction in Singapore.

For the procedure, I can’t tell you a lot because I didn’t see what was happening but I will tell you how I felt after the surgery. I had a little swelling. Dr Samuel Ho assured me that swelling could be more terrifying, and I was lucky. Later one lady of his team told me that he was really careful to use little cannulas in order to minimize swelling and bruising after the procedure. I didn’t manage to walk around in Singapore because I have to lie down for e few days but next time when I visit this beautiful country I will add some sightseeing in agenda. However, my recovery was not so bad because they took extremely good care of me in the clinic. Of course, it was little painful because the swelling was suppressing the abs but in a 2, 3 weeks everything was as usual. So listen to my advice, go and get your tight abs.