Back pain is not a stranger for most people. In the USA data shows that 31 million people have a complaint from back pain during last 5 years. You can imagine how serious this problem is. Today, we work longer hours and pay less attention to our posture and back exercises. Most women work for their thin waist and booty but they forget back exercises. In reality, the back is more important than other body parts because it is included in almost every move. We lift things thanks to our back, bend, sit, walk, etc. According to the specialists we consulted with over at GaiaGuides, back pain is often is a symptom of a slipped disk so behind the innocent pain there can be some serious malformation. If you are experiencing back pain while you are reading this article, you probably should check some back pain treatments including a slipped disk surgery. We know how bad it is when pain prevents you from doing your daily activities.

Do you know exactly what means slipped disk?

Human back is made of bones and between them, there is a material that cushions their moving. These bones are called vertebrae and cushions are called disks. Spinal disks are from soft material otherwise they would not be able to soften the back twisting and folding. Every disk is in capsule and if the capsule is damaged the jelly gets out. Of course, nature not supposed to be damaged and disk snuggles nerve – nerve sends a signal to the brain and pain comes. The reason for one slipped disk might vary from wrong twisting to some serious trauma in the back area. Obesity and ageing could be reasons, too.

How does it feel like?

You may feel pain in the waist, lower back, neck and even in the legs. Yes, legs suffer because herniated disk put a pressure on nerves and one of the nerves could reach legs. If you feel tingling in the back area or numbing probably the reason is in a slipped disk, too. Pain from the arms to the legs is a sign for a herniated disk, too. Unfortunately, most people don’t book an appointment for X-ray until it is too late. Other options are MRI scan and CT scan, of course, there are natural methods that people can try before asking for a surgery. Treatments that are more famous include anti-inflammatories pills, steroid injections, exercising and resting. The last measure for treating slipped disk is a surgery in Singapore.

If you choose to ignore the pain and the reason for it then we have to warn you it can lead to more serious health conditions, like nerve damage, lose blade control. In addition, painkillers might provoke muscle disorders and kidney failure.

What are natural methods for treating slipped disk?

  • It may sound surprising but walking will be the first thing that we’ll talk about. Most people think that slipped disks occur because of too much activity but the reality is exactly the opposite. If you are walking at least 20 minutes every day then you should be sure that slipped disk will not come to your front door.
  • Rest is the second thing on our list. Although, people should exercise and move they have to rest, too. We don’t mean sleep the whole day but changing posture and not staying in the same position for too long, even while you are sleeping. Between moving and resting people who experience back pain has to find the balance between both things. In addition, it is not recommendable to sleep on a too soft mattress.
  • Physiotherapy can be a good option if you already have slipped disk, a professional physiotherapist might relieve the pain with several exercises. Of course, results depend on how much damage nerves exist. If you perform exercises at home, you will notice a significant improvement in a week or two.
  • Oils are magical and if you don’t have essential oils at your home it is finally time to find. Massage with oils will provoke better blood circulation and will rejuvenate the skin cells. It is a great resting method so it is not only for your body but for your soul, too.
  • Acupuncture is a technique that aims to save you from the pain with the help of needles. This procedure shouldn’t be applied to people with high blood pressure and pregnant women.
  • Diet is another thing that will help you to maintain a healthy life. Eating everything that your body needs and drinking water will ensure your body proper functioning.


If we sum up everything, you should eat healthily, exercise regularly, drink water, wear flat shoes because heels are not your back’s friends, and stay in the right posture even while you are sleeping.



When is slipped disk surgery inevitable?


Most people look for doctor’s help when the pain becomes too strong. If you can’t stand the pain and it prevents your normal, daily activities you need a consultation. Of course, it might be something else because the back has too many nerves and bones but you have to be sure. Your doctor will estimate your situation and will tell you if you need a slipped disk surgery or just some resting.