Being expat in Singapore is tough enough and finding the best school is adding stress. Singapore is constantly developing the country and more people are surprised by the prices. Average year salary in Singapore is $58,000 but average expenses are $4,000 per month. Having the opportunity to live and work in Singapore is a dream for a lot of people but it comes with some decisions. One of the most important ones is where children should continue their education. Of course, it is easy if you move to Singapore at the beginning of the school year but unfortunately, this is rare luck. That’s why in Singapore international schools have admission during the whole year. The only one disadvantage is international school fees in Singapore – they are higher because better buildings and learning environments need bigger funding. Actually, you can check for yourself GEMs international school fee structure.

Differences in international school fees in Singapore.

Before we discuss how international schools are different from each other, let’s pay attention why they are similar. We already have mentioned that they have admissions all the time. International schools are able to secure safe environment where children of expats to feel friendship and acceptance. This is extremely important because social groups form child’s consciousness. If the child feels alone and surrounded by new unfriendly people, he won’t have the best learning conditions. Best learning environment includes many buildings, sports centres, and thematic rooms. Expensive tools and games keep children interested in different activities and sports. In addition, international schools can afford to pay for more experienced teachers and educators. Actually, working in international schools as a teacher is preferred by many but only the best manage to be hired.

Singapore International School Fees Comparison

Usually, the language of instruction is the English language because official language in Singapore is English. For example, one international school in Singapore has a language of instruction Chinese and English and its yearly fee is $26,964. Hollandse School Singapore has a language of instruction for Dutch with yearly fee $18,940. As part of international schools, there is a French international school with a fee of $20,200 per year.

Some schools are suitable for children between 2 and 12 years old, while others are for children between 2 and 18 years. It all depends on the international school. For example, there two German international schools in Singapore with German language schools are suitable for children at different ages. German international school fees are different, too – $15,000 and $22,000.

If you are interested in Asian international school, as Korean one – the annual fee is $7,200. In Korean International school in Singapore, the language of instruction is Korean, only. In Japanese International school, the language of instructions is only Japanese, too.

Undoubtedly, in Singapore, English International schools are the most.

All of them have a language of instruction English language. If your child has some troubles with it he or she could participate additional English classes. Their fees are between $20,000 and $40,000 so expats can choose the most suitable offer. Although, fees are annual there are some things that might not be included in them, like transport and some additional taxes. Transport could be a big expense so choosing an international school should be pursuant, too. The best way to understand all fees and taxes is to ask in the school. Another great idea is to walk around school facilities and try to feel if your child will feel calm there. Children who are making friends easily will adapt easier but for the rest, there is adapting period. Parents should choose the best for their children.