Hair loss prevention and facts

A hairstyle is a part of style and people pay attention to their hair constantly. There is a whole industry which relies on the hair care and people’s attention on it. We can argue which was first – the need for hair care or cosmetic industry, but we can’t agree that today we need more useful facts how not to damage our treasure – the hair. The male market for hair care is valued at £85 million. Surprising, right? However, we will discuss all dangerous things for your scalp, and hair, and how could we prevent hair loss.

Let’s start with hair brushing. There is a right and wrong way to brush your hair. Men are able to brush easily than women but it is because women have longer hair. However, brushing should not cause breakage at no cost. Have you seen how women in commercials brush their hair from roots to the ends? This is completely wrong and you should never do that. The right way to brush your hair is starting from ends little by little. Every time you brush, go a little higher and eventually you will reach the roots. This method will spare your scalp and will not cause breakage. See some more examples of famous Singaporean makeup artist CeciliaChng 6 bad hair loss lifestyle habits.

Dying and cutting your hair

Out of the topic, you should know that cutting regularly your hair would allow it to grow faster. Another really useful advice is changing your shampoo and masks regularly. There is no logic in changing your hair without changing your hair cosmetic. If you dyed it in a new colour, find a shampoo exactly for this type of colour. Certain shampoos could make your hair stronger and shinier. One certain way to prevent hair loss is using the right cosmetic. In Singapore, there are hundreds of products for different hairs and hairstyles. If you don’t trust us, just open get into some store in Singapore and try to count hair products.

Ponytails could harm your hair

Yes, we all have bad hair days sometimes and reach for the hairband. In fact, tying your hair is good when it is limited to a day but if you make it regular then your scalp becomes stressed. Pulling your hair can unplug follicles and make them more unsustainable. Thin hairbands will damage your hair so they should be avoided, too. The best thing you can do for your hair is to use bobby pins or hair clips instead of nylon hairbands.

Clean your hairbrush

Surprise, you have to clean your brush regularly. Everything that touches your scalp, could damage it. If your scalp cells are plugged with dead cells and germs then your scalp can’t breathe properly and your hair suffers. Cleaning your brush is easy, put it in baking soda or use lemon juice, then rinse with water and you will have a brush good as new.

Don’t skip a meal

Food in Singapore is an important factor. Skipping breakfast or dinner will deprive your hair of nutrients and you don’t want that. If you are on a special diet, make sure you eat enough useful food and your body will cope with the nutrition of your hair and nails easily. Protein is one of the most important things, you should eat I you desire great hair and strong follicles. It will give your hair shiny look and sustainable foundation so it is up to you to make sure you consume enough meat and eggs.