Globalization and developing economy are the main reason for expanding market of moneylenders. There is nothing easier than this to find a moneylender who is ready to lend you some money. People are able to get easy not only personal loans but business loans, too. The result is that in Singapore moneylenders are more and more and people can find the right one with a just fast online search. Of course, the government has additional measurements to protect people and legal money lenders, too.

What are the main types of legal money lenders?

Online money lenders are still not very safe to be used but there is a small trustworthy group. However, if you want to get a loan, you can research your money lender online first. gives you the opportunity to compare money lender reviews before choosing the right one. When it comes to small amounts then online research is the best thing you can do.

Large banks are another great option. There is a difference between banks and legal money lenders, though. If you need a really big amount to buy a house or a car, then a bank should be your choice. If you need a small personal loan or small business loan then legal money lender is what you need. The difference comes from different terms and length of the credit.

Local community banks are next option. Sometimes local banks have better conditions thanks to their politics to encourage local business. If you haven’t asked them for a credit you should check what they are ready to give you.

What will a Singapore legal money lender check about?

You know that every legal money lender does a background check. We will explain to you what exactly they check. First, they want to know more about your credit history and risk profile. They will want to know how often you have emptied your credit cards. Do you have other loans, which you can’t pay regularly? A legal money lender could check your cash flow because he will want to know that you will be able to pay him back. If you have a business, they might want some information about your assets. This will include bank statements, information about the investors and even your experience in your business. All these things are needed because legal money lenders don’t throw away money without 100% prove they will get them back. All people who consider money lending for a fraud should know that it is not.

Having in mind that a legal money lender could analyze your finances, you should order them. Your financial history and statements should be correct and well-organized.

Control your loan expectations in Singapore

Every legal money lender will want to know how much money you will expect to get and what you will do with them. Of course, if it is a business loan then you should provide more information about your expected expenses. Depending on the condition of the business, people are able to negotiate better terms, as lower interest rate or longer payment periods.

Before signing the contract make sure you understand every clause and you agree with it. Make sure you understand clearly what will be follow-ups if you skip one or two payments. Make sure you know how much the interest rate is and when you have to pay it. Don’t forget to ask about fees and taxes, too.