Hiding eye bags was never something pleasant but it is a necessity. Some eye bags can be hidden with make-up only. Unfortunately, there are eye bags, that need more serious treatment and even an eye bag removal surgery. In Singapore, there are many clinics who offer the different non-invasive procedure to improve the condition of patients’ eye bags. Today, people have a choice what to do and how to do it. Thanks to modern plastic surgery people are able to get the look they want and to stop being ashamed of imperfections. Singapore, for example, is a home of hundreds of professional surgeons and people all over the world visit it to undergo their improvements.

Do you know why we call them “eye bags”?

Bags come from baggage. The first reason is that they look like sacks under eyes. The second one is that everyone brings with him some stress and baggage and eventually they form eye bags. No matter which one reason you will prefer the idea of having eye bags is not tempting one and most people don’t stop to look for ways to get rid of them. Some people get from their parent’s businesses, houses, and villas, while others get puffy eye bags. Those people have to fight with them daily. Don’t think that fat pads can look worse only if you are on a certain age, in reality, young people have them, too. The main reason is that collagen is not enough and elastic can’t hold the skin tighten enough. Losing volume makes face look tired and cheeks higher. The eyes stay lower than cheeks and patients look like they have never slept in their life.

Hydration is extremely important, too. All food that makes us dehydrated will cause puffy eye bags in the morning. Fortunately, this type of eye bags can be easily tightened with a face mask. Eyebag surgeons like Singaporean expert Dr IsrarWong recommends several other methods, without letting them change your look.

Eye bag removal with massage

Lymphatic drainage helps eyes restore their ordinary shape. If you want to stimulate it to try to massage your eye bags from the inside out. You won’t feel very comfortable but it will help a little. Massaging with cold patches is another great method. If you drink green tea, use the packages and freeze them. Then wrap them in some napkins and let them dry on your eyes for several minutes. It will refresh area around eyes in no time.

Hide your eye bags

Make-up can make miracles with proper applying and use the right colours. If you want to hide your eye bags don’t apply lighter make-up but use the one which is closer to your skin tone. If It is not enough to try with peachy or orange colour. Don’t jump to almost white sticks because they will make your puffiness obvious.

Eye bag removal with dermal fillers

This is so-called non-invasive treatment where dermatologist will inject your eye bags with dermal fillers and they will fill the depressions easily. This treatment is suitable for people who want to make a smoother transition between their eye bags and cheeks. It is not suitable for people, which have too puffy eye bags because it will add more volume. Improving eye bags can alter face in general. Human face sends a message and eye bags could change this message.