Why is it so important to have a regular health screening tests?

Valuing life is not something you should neglect. If you stop for a second and see that the health is what is priceless today, then words like health screening would be repeated twice often.

A human body is a complex organism and it has a lot of systems, that should work together. Sometimes symptoms are obvious and people could easily find out what is it. Sometimes, people don’t have this luck and although they have symptoms even doctors can’t find the reason for just a simple examination. No matter how experienced is one doctor, he will want to see some test before giving a prescription or giving diagnose. Health screening tests are created for people, who don’t want to reach this point when symptoms occur, and they have to seek a reason. Health screening in Singapore tests includes a wide range of tests showing the whole body condition. Read more about health screening tests that you really need on doctorxdentist.com.

Today, we are lucky to have more medicines and vaccines, not only in Singapore but also all over the world. That’s why only serious diseases left to cope with them. Unfortunately, most of them are silent and don’t have any symptoms so nothing but test can’t determine if one person is completely healthy, or he should take care of his condition. Health screening helps people to have better control of their lives.

What does one health screening include?

The doctor will ask you about your medical history. It is important to know what are diseases that you have suffered and when. Imagine that you didn’t have smallpox and your children have it now. Your doctor should know everything including your parents’ health history. Parents give us over some diseases, not on purpose. Our parents determine what diseases and illnesses we are predisposed.

Next thing included in health screening in Singapore is a physical examination. This is not as bad as it sounds. Usually, specialists checked your vision, hearing, and nose. If they spot something wrong then the examination is more complicated but the first one is not.

X-Ray is needed if the doctor has some doubts about lung disease or pneumonia. Comparing to Electrocardiogram, X-Ray is not mandatory. Heart diseases are something else. Most heart diseases are hiding cleverly so they are hard to find. Unfortunately, many people die from heart disease without symptoms. Treadmill Stress ECG is a specific form of test, that is able to detect coronary heart diseases and a heart condition.

Multiphasic Blood Tests is next thing that should not be neglected. Our blood is connecting all our organs, and if something is wrong somewhere, blood will “know”. A blood test will show anaemia, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and etc.

Next thing, included in health screening test is Urinalysis. Kidneys are a big part of body functioning and non-functioning of one or both can cause a lot of troubles and even death.

Ultrasonic Examination is the last but really important test. People are examined with a special machine that can spot abnormalities in organs. People who have doubts that their liver, pancreas, biliary system, or gallbladder, are having a tough time should have this ultrasonic examination for good.



In Singapore, there are many clinics and laboratories where a full health screening is available.

At different places, different tests are included but the foundation is the same. If you need some additional tests have to share it with your doctor, and he will add it to the list.