Singapore has a long history in plastic surgeries. A recent research found out that 1% of more than 1,000 students aged between 16 and 22 had a plastic surgery. It is a surprise, that every 3 of 4 students said they would be ashamed if someone finds that they have had a plastic surgery. Although, Singapore is a home to many experienced plastic surgeons there are still some prejudices. Singapore is a big developing country and plastic surgeries here are famous all over the world. That’s why many foreigners visit the country to undergo the chosen surgery in professional hands.

There are many surgeons, who had education outside Singapore and have brought their experience here. One of them is the famous Singapore surgeonĀ Dr Samuel Ho. Although plastic surgeries are not the most dangerous ones 50% of asked students consider them as completely harmless. Let’s look deeper into eye bag removal surgery.

What is eye bags structure?

Many things in our bodies are not perfect but nature has found a way to compensate for additional structures. For example, eye bags are filled with mass tissue that works as a cushion. This was the best option and fat tissue serves well. Eventually, ageing cause somebody changes and fat tissue lapses little by little. Ageing is the most common reason, but there is a whole list of things that can cause puffy eye bags. That’s why eye bag removal surgery is in top 5 of plastic surgeries in Singapore.

For example, dehydration is a big reason for appearing in eye bags. Not very famous fact is that orbital fat contains water so hydration affects directly on their appearance. That’s why if you have more than 1 glass of wine, next morning you have puffy eye bags. Thankfully, they are not permanent and disappear in 2, 3 hours. Eye bag removal surgery is suitable for cases that are more serious where people suffer from constant eye bags. Of course, not only fat is guilty but loose skin, too. People have loose skin mostly due to ageing and too much sun exposing. Don’t lie, if you are staying under sunlight too much time you will have eye bags soon. If you need to know more about how to remove eye bags fast and furious, pay attention to our previous post.

How could I get rid of eye bags?

The Internet is full of homemade recipes and masks that you can apply to your eyes. Actually, every vegetable that has water in it can help you. Unfortunately, results are not permanent and in few hours, your eye bags will be visible again. If you inherited them and your parents still have them, then there is no mask, which can help you.


Cosmetic procedures and products are a good choice but don’t expect miracles. Topic creams have some effect for a longer period than few hours. Thanks to constantly developing innovations, some night creams can tighten lower eyelids and reduce eye bags if you use them regularly. This is where you should be careful, cosmetic creams should be applied every night if you want to see improvements. Inconsistency will not help in this case at all. Have in mind that good cosmetic products are little expensive.

The last option is an eye bag surgery. The most innovative method is through laser cut in the inner part of the eye. This way the surgery can stay a secret between the surgeon and the patient. This is amazing, considering, prejudices that people still have for plastic surgeries. However, surgeries eye bags removal is not a caprice, but a necessity.