Photo booths are cool and entertaining

If you are organizing a party and you are done with the idea how to entertain your guests, probably give a chance to photo booth ideas all over the internet. Taking pictures is always fun, especially for women but taking pictures in a new and untraditional way is funnier. Photo booths in Singapore are not so expensive and you can hire one for an hour or two. Usually, there is a photographer who explains how to use it. Of course, the mood depends on people and their attitude toward the party. Let’s see how you can break the ice with a fun photo booth ideas.

Origami props photo booths

Props are always fun especially if they are handmade. If you need an amazing props try origami. There are fascinating models online and you will be surprised what you can do with your hands and a pair of scissors. For example, wolf heads, bow ties, moustaches are just a few of things that can make your photo booth part more interesting.

Change the perspective

Why don’t you look the room to look upside down? Attach some fake chairs on the ceiling and furniture on the wall and you are ready. These photos will be so much fun and untraditional that your guests will talk about them for years. There is no need to glue a real chair to the wall, try to find one made of paper or cardboard. Photo booth imagesĀ from Ubersnap in Singapore are a great memory and people usually connect them with a fun experience.

Add some flowers to your GIFs

No, we don’t mean to buy the whole flower shop just take few flowers and hang them on the backdrop. To make things look prettier hang them on equal distance. If you find herbs instead of flowers, the effect will be vintage images. Experimenting with flowers is easy especially if the backdrop is a white one. This way the white colour highlight the image of the flowers and herbs.

Vintage photo booth ideas

Every object before the 90’s is a vintage one. Choose something that you have loved and add it to the photo booth. Do you remember pocket watches? No, we don’t, too. But there is nothing wrong to speculate with the present year and to recreate a blast from the past. Find a writing machine and imitate that you are a famous writer. Find an old VHS or music plates and you will be the queens and kinds on the 90’s.

Garden photo booth

If your party is not somewhere in nature you can recreate it with living plants for a backdrop. ofere is no bad photo if the backdrop is made by green plants. The green colour lets people to be highlighted no matter what clothes they are wearing. That’s why if you add some white chairs in front of plants you will have amazing images.


Frames and photo booths.

One photo booth will be incomplete if frames are not part of it. Frames can make one image to look like an image in an image in the image. An amazing effect which allows you to focus on the important part of the photo. Another great idea for group photo booth photos is everyone to have his own frame. It is like few worlds are crashing into each other.