Children drawings are way more important than we think. Do you remember how happy you were when you saw your child’s first drawing? Parents usually hang them on the fridge and show them to the whole family. Drawings are first attempts of children to communicate. In their first years, they still don’t have the ability to express themselves with many words. They see things and try to recreate them – drawing gives them a chance to do it. Singapore preschools are not like international schools. Those are places, where children paint all the time and there is a reason about that. Children can’t wait to express their impressions on the paper with oils, pens and even fingers.


Evolution of drawing for kids?

When children go to school, drawing got second place in their agenda. All Singapore teachers and educators explain how important are writing and reading. If you do your writing and reading then you can go and draw something. This is the one way to look at things. Another way is to consider drawing as equal to writing. Both activities can develop each other but this takes time and certain efforts, of course. Writing is not an evolution of drawing. Data shows that children who draw more have better writing and vocabulary skills. This can improve child’s vocabulary thanks to an explanation what is in the picture. Children try to find the best word and to express their imagination. This is a way better than just reading a vocabulary and repeat or rewrite words.

Who should draw?

All children have to draw not because they have talent and should become next Monet but because drawing will help them write. Next time when your child asks you is it possible to draw before write, let him. The drawing will focus your child’s mind on the hand movement. There is nothing more important than the ability of children to concentrate easily. Data shows that people, who are fond of painting, have longer time concentration. As you may know, this is the perfect formula for success. Don’t stop your children from expressing their emotions no matter they will not make masterpieces drawing.

Misconceptions about drawing for kids.

Most Singaporeans consider drawing for kids as not enough serious activity, well, they are wrong! Most people think that if you can’t draw, you will never learn. This is completely wrong and people should know that drawing is teachable. If you give diligence to one activity, you will have 100% success. Children around 8 or 9 years start to consider their drawings as stupid and not good enough because the imitate adults. As you may notice, adults have some really strong limitations for good and bad picture. In order to free from this limitations, the kid should be brave enough to risk. In Muzart Singapore there are 3 levels of foundation art classes for drawing focusing exactly on this. Most kids stop to draw at this age. But the rest of them save their creativity and braveness their whole life.

Logically, children, who are brave enough they manage to have better academic results and life that is more successful. We are not talking about impatience and irresponsible courage; we are discussing fast decision-making ability based on confidence. Braveness is equal to confidence in a daily life.

Drawing for kids can give you all these things and many more. Don’t hesitate to sign your children to drawing class, we promise you that it will have a good effect on their whole behaviour and even future.