Acne is bad, but acne scarring is even worse and can make your life miserable. People who don’t have the luck to have a good skin have to cope with inflammation and redness all the time. In the end, they acquire nothing but holes in their skin and lifelong experience. Acne vulgaris is the type that causes the worst scarring. Modern medicine has some progress but sometimes only one treatment is not enough and patients should combine several. Although we want to tell you about all of them, we know that people can pay attention a limited time only that is why we are going to focus on laser treatment for acne scar first.


What are different laser treatments?

They help a lot with pimple scar removal except for ice pick scars. Laser treatments for acne scars like the examples on┬ácannot do much for this special type. Ablative lasers are special lasers that evaporate tissue to 60um depth. This means that laser destroys skin and provokes an answer from your organism. This answer is stimulation of collagen production. The wavelength of the ablative lasers is 10.600nm. For comparison, Diode laser, which is a non-ablative laser, has a 1450nm wavelength. Non-ablative lasers have a huge benefit – reduce side effects. For example, ablative lasers could cause hyperpigmentation, infections, and additional scarring. If you went to pimple scar removal treatment and went out of the dermatologist with more scars, it would be a disaster, right? That’s why non-ablative lasers are gathering popularity fast. They use infrared wavelengths that manage to penetrate deep into the skin while cools the upper layers. The damage that non-ablative laser causes is for good – it provokes dermal remodelling. The downside is that this type of laser works slowly. Patients need more repetitions but the results are better quality. In addition, there is almost no chance for pigmentary complications.

What is FP Laser treatment for acne scars?

This treatment is a significant one. It has accomplished amazing results with a new technology. The laser damages the skin, as making microscopic wounds. These wounds provoke a wound-healing response but the upper layer of the skin stays untouched. Imagine chemical peeling and its effect on the epidermis, with this particular treatment this downside is avoided. This treatment is able to help people with ice pick scars, too. The best thing, though, is healing time. Ablative laser treatment for acne scars takes 2 weeks for the skin to fully heal comparing to FP laser treatment, which takes 24 hours only.

What is Pinpoint irradiation technique?

This treatment causes microscopic wounds, too. It causes fast skin rejuvenation and the patient can see better results in next week. Dermatologists use small needles to create wounds and that’s why antibiotic cream is needed after the procedure to avoid the risk of infection. A big advantage is that hyperpigmentation can’t occur and the patients shouldn’t worry about that.

Pimple scar removal in Singapore is a popular procedure. Although Asian people have good skin if you aren’t lucky enough then the struggle is harder to catch up. In Singapore, there are many cosmetic studios and medical centres that will offer you a good treatment at a good price. If you need a professional procedure, you should choose wisely. An experienced dermatologist will explain all possible risks and will answer all your questions so don’t be afraid to ask and seek more information. And the most important thing, don’t forget that to have a good skin you should take care of it eve