Stomach liposuction in Singapore- abs that I am dreaming for

Stomach liposuction in Singapore- abs that I am dreaming for
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I am an average 40 years woman and I already have 2 kids. I am not planning to have more so today I will tell you what I have decided for my body. My youngest son is 9 years old. When he went to school first year I had a plenty time for myself. I have been decided to exercise regularly and to achieve abs that I have been always dreaming of.

Do you know how hard is to achieve tight abdominal area?

Extremely! I had a regime and a trainer. My weight was 30 kilos less but I still needed some improvements. I have tried dieting less meat, then I have tried to eat only meat and skip carbs. Eventually, final results were OK, but they weren’t fascinated. I wanted more. Unfortunately, we have fat that is stubborn, and we can’t remove it no matter what we do. That’s why I have started to look for a way out of this situation. I had a goal and I wanted to achieve it. My abs were waiting for me to reveal them.

What abdominals are made of?

The biggest muscle from abdominals is external abdominal. It is thin and broad. The fibres are vertically distributed because this muscle has to work a lot during the day. Every patient who has recovered from stomach liposuction knows how hard is to stand or to move if your abs are suppressed by swelling. Every flexion forces all muscles to work together in the stomach area. Imagine that every time you reach for your glass on the table, your abs are working. You don’t feel that but it is happening. However, these moves are happening no matter if your abs are visible or are under the fat tissue.

The rest of my story.

Imagine me, so desperate that didn’t want to diet anymore, didn’t want to exercise – if it is not effective, you start losing hope. That’s why I woke up one morning and tell myself that I am going to have stomach liposuction. After that, I discussed it with my husband and found a clinic in Singapore. I don’t know if you are familiar with this topic but Singapore is like a paradise for people who want to have a plastic surgery. Singapore is famous not only with clinics but with surgeons who have international experience, like Dr Samuel Ho. He was my stomach liposuction surgeon, and he was extremely polite and caregiving.



My stomach liposuction in Singapore.

For the procedure, I can’t tell you a lot because I didn’t see what was happening but I will tell you how I felt after the surgery. I had a little swelling. Dr Samuel Ho assured me that swelling could be more terrifying, and I was lucky. Later one lady of his team told me that he was really careful to use little cannulas in order to minimize swelling and bruising after the procedure. I didn’t manage to walk around in Singapore because I have to lie down for e few days but next time when I visit this beautiful country I will add some sightseeing in agenda. However, my recovery was not so bad because they took extremely good care of me in the clinic. Of course, it was little painful because the swelling was suppressing the abs but in a 2, 3 weeks everything was as usual. So listen to my advice, go and get your tight abs.

Health screening in Singapore – full list

Health screening in Singapore – full list
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Why is it so important to have a regular health screening tests?

Valuing life is not something you should neglect. If you stop for a second and see that the health is what is priceless today, then words like health screening would be repeated twice often.

A human body is a complex organism and it has a lot of systems, that should work together. Sometimes symptoms are obvious and people could easily find out what is it. Sometimes, people don’t have this luck and although they have symptoms even doctors can’t find the reason for just a simple examination. No matter how experienced is one doctor, he will want to see some test before giving a prescription or giving diagnose. Health screening tests are created for people, who don’t want to reach this point when symptoms occur, and they have to seek a reason. Health screening in Singapore tests includes a wide range of tests showing the whole body condition. Read more about health screening tests that you really need on

Today, we are lucky to have more medicines and vaccines, not only in Singapore but also all over the world. That’s why only serious diseases left to cope with them. Unfortunately, most of them are silent and don’t have any symptoms so nothing but test can’t determine if one person is completely healthy, or he should take care of his condition. Health screening helps people to have better control of their lives.

What does one health screening include?

The doctor will ask you about your medical history. It is important to know what are diseases that you have suffered and when. Imagine that you didn’t have smallpox and your children have it now. Your doctor should know everything including your parents’ health history. Parents give us over some diseases, not on purpose. Our parents determine what diseases and illnesses we are predisposed.

Next thing included in health screening in Singapore is a physical examination. This is not as bad as it sounds. Usually, specialists checked your vision, hearing, and nose. If they spot something wrong then the examination is more complicated but the first one is not.

X-Ray is needed if the doctor has some doubts about lung disease or pneumonia. Comparing to Electrocardiogram, X-Ray is not mandatory. Heart diseases are something else. Most heart diseases are hiding cleverly so they are hard to find. Unfortunately, many people die from heart disease without symptoms. Treadmill Stress ECG is a specific form of test, that is able to detect coronary heart diseases and a heart condition.

Multiphasic Blood Tests is next thing that should not be neglected. Our blood is connecting all our organs, and if something is wrong somewhere, blood will “know”. A blood test will show anaemia, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and etc.

Next thing, included in health screening test is Urinalysis. Kidneys are a big part of body functioning and non-functioning of one or both can cause a lot of troubles and even death.

Ultrasonic Examination is the last but really important test. People are examined with a special machine that can spot abnormalities in organs. People who have doubts that their liver, pancreas, biliary system, or gallbladder, are having a tough time should have this ultrasonic examination for good.



In Singapore, there are many clinics and laboratories where a full health screening is available.

At different places, different tests are included but the foundation is the same. If you need some additional tests have to share it with your doctor, and he will add it to the list.

Do you think you know everything about credit cards?

Do you think you know everything about credit cards?
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How many credit cards do you have?

In Singapore, for last 5 years, people who have at least one credit card have multiplied three times. This number is huge. Still, some people are not perfectly clear what credit cards exactly are. What benefits and payments are? Visa is sponsoring the most famous credit cards worldwide since 1977.

Do you know how exactly sponsors and banks in Singapore profit from people who are using credit cards?

First, every credit has an interest rate, so they win it. In Turkey, people don’t use interest rate for money payments because they don’t believe it is right. However, all over the world, the price of money is an interest rate. When you are spending money that you don’t actually have then you will pay an interest rate. Another profit for sponsors and banks are annual fees. Comparing to debit cards, credit cards have higher annual fees.  If we sum up all the people who pay them we will notice that this amount is a huge one. The last profit comes from merchants. Banks are charging them small percent because they have the ability to use credit card payments. This percent is small – between 1% and 2%. In addition, last payments have higher taxes so it is plus one profit.

What is so special about credit cards in Singapore?

They are highly secured with different features – magnetic stripe, account number, signature panel, etc. The most obvious protection is the account number. If you want to pay with a credit card, an account number is what you need the most. The account number is well protected by the length of the number – MasterCard has 20 digits, Visa has 13. If you want to guess what one number is, sorry to disappoint you, it is impossible – 10 trillion possibilities are.

Next thing is a signature panel where the owner of the card, should write down its own signature. This way, when he signed some receipts, the signature should be the same. This is not very popular protection because most merchants don’t compare signatures. However, in Singapore, there are credit cards with protection against deleting that signature. A white spot will appear and it will be obvious that the credit card was stolen. Finty Singapore has very well structured credit card comparison website, where you can apply for it instantly.

Magnetic stripe proves that the card is a real one. This mechanism is about trustworthiness not about possession. Magnetic cards save information about expiration date but not a personal information.

What is next in credit card structure?

Innovations in technology never end, so we should expect more and more miracles. Although the price of producing one credit card is not very high, there are still some aspects, which will need improvements. So in the future, they will become cheaper for sure. In addition, magnetic stripes will save more and more information Soon it will be completely impossible for someone to duplicate your credit card or to download some information of it. Today, there is still a chance for this type of crime and it is not as safe as you think. Another prediction is that personal credit cards will bring with them information about our preferences and shopping history, as search engines do it today. Another thing we should expect is that credit card will have worldwide acceptance and if you travel from Singapore to Europe, for example, you will be able to withdraw money and shop seamlessly.

How to get rid of eye bags?

How to get rid of eye bags?
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Singapore has a long history in plastic surgeries. A recent research found out that 1% of more than 1,000 students aged between 16 and 22 had a plastic surgery. It is a surprise, that every 3 of 4 students said they would be ashamed if someone finds that they have had a plastic surgery. Although, Singapore is a home to many experienced plastic surgeons there are still some prejudices. Singapore is a big developing country and plastic surgeries here are famous all over the world. That’s why many foreigners visit the country to undergo the chosen surgery in professional hands.

There are many surgeons, who had education outside Singapore and have brought their experience here. One of them is the famous Singapore surgeon Dr Samuel Ho. Although plastic surgeries are not the most dangerous ones 50% of asked students consider them as completely harmless. Let’s look deeper into eye bag removal surgery.

What is eye bags structure?

Many things in our bodies are not perfect but nature has found a way to compensate for additional structures. For example, eye bags are filled with mass tissue that works as a cushion. This was the best option and fat tissue serves well. Eventually, ageing cause somebody changes and fat tissue lapses little by little. Ageing is the most common reason, but there is a whole list of things that can cause puffy eye bags. That’s why eye bag removal surgery is in top 5 of plastic surgeries in Singapore.

For example, dehydration is a big reason for appearing in eye bags. Not very famous fact is that orbital fat contains water so hydration affects directly on their appearance. That’s why if you have more than 1 glass of wine, next morning you have puffy eye bags. Thankfully, they are not permanent and disappear in 2, 3 hours. Eye bag removal surgery is suitable for cases that are more serious where people suffer from constant eye bags. Of course, not only fat is guilty but loose skin, too. People have loose skin mostly due to ageing and too much sun exposing. Don’t lie, if you are staying under sunlight too much time you will have eye bags soon. If you need to know more about how to remove eye bags fast and furious, pay attention to our previous post.

How could I get rid of eye bags?

The Internet is full of homemade recipes and masks that you can apply to your eyes. Actually, every vegetable that has water in it can help you. Unfortunately, results are not permanent and in few hours, your eye bags will be visible again. If you inherited them and your parents still have them, then there is no mask, which can help you.


Cosmetic procedures and products are a good choice but don’t expect miracles. Topic creams have some effect for a longer period than few hours. Thanks to constantly developing innovations, some night creams can tighten lower eyelids and reduce eye bags if you use them regularly. This is where you should be careful, cosmetic creams should be applied every night if you want to see improvements. Inconsistency will not help in this case at all. Have in mind that good cosmetic products are little expensive.

The last option is an eye bag surgery. The most innovative method is through laser cut in the inner part of the eye. This way the surgery can stay a secret between the surgeon and the patient. This is amazing, considering, prejudices that people still have for plastic surgeries. However, surgeries eye bags removal is not a caprice, but a necessity.


How to remove eye bags easily

How to remove eye bags easily
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Hiding eye bags was never something pleasant but it is a necessity. Some eye bags can be hidden with make-up only. Unfortunately, there are eye bags, that need more serious treatment and even an eye bag removal surgery. In Singapore, there are many clinics who offer the different non-invasive procedure to improve the condition of patients’ eye bags. Today, people have a choice what to do and how to do it. Thanks to modern plastic surgery people are able to get the look they want and to stop being ashamed of imperfections. Singapore, for example, is a home of hundreds of professional surgeons and people all over the world visit it to undergo their improvements.

Do you know why we call them “eye bags”?

Bags come from baggage. The first reason is that they look like sacks under eyes. The second one is that everyone brings with him some stress and baggage and eventually they form eye bags. No matter which one reason you will prefer the idea of having eye bags is not tempting one and most people don’t stop to look for ways to get rid of them. Some people get from their parent’s businesses, houses, and villas, while others get puffy eye bags. Those people have to fight with them daily. Don’t think that fat pads can look worse only if you are on a certain age, in reality, young people have them, too. The main reason is that collagen is not enough and elastic can’t hold the skin tighten enough. Losing volume makes face look tired and cheeks higher. The eyes stay lower than cheeks and patients look like they have never slept in their life.

Hydration is extremely important, too. All food that makes us dehydrated will cause puffy eye bags in the morning. Fortunately, this type of eye bags can be easily tightened with a face mask. Eyebag surgeons like Singaporean expert Dr IsrarWong recommends several other methods, without letting them change your look.

Eye bag removal with massage

Lymphatic drainage helps eyes restore their ordinary shape. If you want to stimulate it to try to massage your eye bags from the inside out. You won’t feel very comfortable but it will help a little. Massaging with cold patches is another great method. If you drink green tea, use the packages and freeze them. Then wrap them in some napkins and let them dry on your eyes for several minutes. It will refresh area around eyes in no time.

Hide your eye bags

Make-up can make miracles with proper applying and use the right colours. If you want to hide your eye bags don’t apply lighter make-up but use the one which is closer to your skin tone. If It is not enough to try with peachy or orange colour. Don’t jump to almost white sticks because they will make your puffiness obvious.

Eye bag removal with dermal fillers

This is so-called non-invasive treatment where dermatologist will inject your eye bags with dermal fillers and they will fill the depressions easily. This treatment is suitable for people who want to make a smoother transition between their eye bags and cheeks. It is not suitable for people, which have too puffy eye bags because it will add more volume. Improving eye bags can alter face in general. Human face sends a message and eye bags could change this message.

Picking Money Lender in Singapore

Picking Money Lender in Singapore
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Globalization and developing economy are the main reason for expanding market of moneylenders. There is nothing easier than this to find a moneylender who is ready to lend you some money. People are able to get easy not only personal loans but business loans, too. The result is that in Singapore moneylenders are more and more and people can find the right one with a just fast online search. Of course, the government has additional measurements to protect people and legal money lenders, too.

What are the main types of legal money lenders?

Online money lenders are still not very safe to be used but there is a small trustworthy group. However, if you want to get a loan, you can research your money lender online first. gives you the opportunity to compare money lender reviews before choosing the right one. When it comes to small amounts then online research is the best thing you can do.

Large banks are another great option. There is a difference between banks and legal money lenders, though. If you need a really big amount to buy a house or a car, then a bank should be your choice. If you need a small personal loan or small business loan then legal money lender is what you need. The difference comes from different terms and length of the credit.

Local community banks are next option. Sometimes local banks have better conditions thanks to their politics to encourage local business. If you haven’t asked them for a credit you should check what they are ready to give you.

What will a Singapore legal money lender check about?

You know that every legal money lender does a background check. We will explain to you what exactly they check. First, they want to know more about your credit history and risk profile. They will want to know how often you have emptied your credit cards. Do you have other loans, which you can’t pay regularly? A legal money lender could check your cash flow because he will want to know that you will be able to pay him back. If you have a business, they might want some information about your assets. This will include bank statements, information about the investors and even your experience in your business. All these things are needed because legal money lenders don’t throw away money without 100% prove they will get them back. All people who consider money lending for a fraud should know that it is not.

Having in mind that a legal money lender could analyze your finances, you should order them. Your financial history and statements should be correct and well-organized.

Control your loan expectations in Singapore

Every legal money lender will want to know how much money you will expect to get and what you will do with them. Of course, if it is a business loan then you should provide more information about your expected expenses. Depending on the condition of the business, people are able to negotiate better terms, as lower interest rate or longer payment periods.

Before signing the contract make sure you understand every clause and you agree with it. Make sure you understand clearly what will be follow-ups if you skip one or two payments. Make sure you know how much the interest rate is and when you have to pay it. Don’t forget to ask about fees and taxes, too.

Prevent hair loss changing your habits

Prevent hair loss changing your habits
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Hair loss prevention and facts

A hairstyle is a part of style and people pay attention to their hair constantly. There is a whole industry which relies on the hair care and people’s attention on it. We can argue which was first – the need for hair care or cosmetic industry, but we can’t agree that today we need more useful facts how not to damage our treasure – the hair. The male market for hair care is valued at £85 million. Surprising, right? However, we will discuss all dangerous things for your scalp, and hair, and how could we prevent hair loss.

Let’s start with hair brushing. There is a right and wrong way to brush your hair. Men are able to brush easily than women but it is because women have longer hair. However, brushing should not cause breakage at no cost. Have you seen how women in commercials brush their hair from roots to the ends? This is completely wrong and you should never do that. The right way to brush your hair is starting from ends little by little. Every time you brush, go a little higher and eventually you will reach the roots. This method will spare your scalp and will not cause breakage. See some more examples of famous Singaporean makeup artist CeciliaChng 6 bad hair loss lifestyle habits.

Dying and cutting your hair

Out of the topic, you should know that cutting regularly your hair would allow it to grow faster. Another really useful advice is changing your shampoo and masks regularly. There is no logic in changing your hair without changing your hair cosmetic. If you dyed it in a new colour, find a shampoo exactly for this type of colour. Certain shampoos could make your hair stronger and shinier. One certain way to prevent hair loss is using the right cosmetic. In Singapore, there are hundreds of products for different hairs and hairstyles. If you don’t trust us, just open get into some store in Singapore and try to count hair products.

Ponytails could harm your hair

Yes, we all have bad hair days sometimes and reach for the hairband. In fact, tying your hair is good when it is limited to a day but if you make it regular then your scalp becomes stressed. Pulling your hair can unplug follicles and make them more unsustainable. Thin hairbands will damage your hair so they should be avoided, too. The best thing you can do for your hair is to use bobby pins or hair clips instead of nylon hairbands.

Clean your hairbrush

Surprise, you have to clean your brush regularly. Everything that touches your scalp, could damage it. If your scalp cells are plugged with dead cells and germs then your scalp can’t breathe properly and your hair suffers. Cleaning your brush is easy, put it in baking soda or use lemon juice, then rinse with water and you will have a brush good as new.

Don’t skip a meal

Food in Singapore is an important factor. Skipping breakfast or dinner will deprive your hair of nutrients and you don’t want that. If you are on a special diet, make sure you eat enough useful food and your body will cope with the nutrition of your hair and nails easily. Protein is one of the most important things, you should eat I you desire great hair and strong follicles. It will give your hair shiny look and sustainable foundation so it is up to you to make sure you consume enough meat and eggs.

Fun photo booth ideas for the best party ever

Fun photo booth ideas for the best party ever
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Photo booths are cool and entertaining

If you are organizing a party and you are done with the idea how to entertain your guests, probably give a chance to photo booth ideas all over the internet. Taking pictures is always fun, especially for women but taking pictures in a new and untraditional way is funnier. Photo booths in Singapore are not so expensive and you can hire one for an hour or two. Usually, there is a photographer who explains how to use it. Of course, the mood depends on people and their attitude toward the party. Let’s see how you can break the ice with a fun photo booth ideas.

Origami props photo booths

Props are always fun especially if they are handmade. If you need an amazing props try origami. There are fascinating models online and you will be surprised what you can do with your hands and a pair of scissors. For example, wolf heads, bow ties, moustaches are just a few of things that can make your photo booth part more interesting.

Change the perspective

Why don’t you look the room to look upside down? Attach some fake chairs on the ceiling and furniture on the wall and you are ready. These photos will be so much fun and untraditional that your guests will talk about them for years. There is no need to glue a real chair to the wall, try to find one made of paper or cardboard. Photo booth images from Ubersnap in Singapore are a great memory and people usually connect them with a fun experience.

Add some flowers to your GIFs

No, we don’t mean to buy the whole flower shop just take few flowers and hang them on the backdrop. To make things look prettier hang them on equal distance. If you find herbs instead of flowers, the effect will be vintage images. Experimenting with flowers is easy especially if the backdrop is a white one. This way the white colour highlight the image of the flowers and herbs.

Vintage photo booth ideas

Every object before the 90’s is a vintage one. Choose something that you have loved and add it to the photo booth. Do you remember pocket watches? No, we don’t, too. But there is nothing wrong to speculate with the present year and to recreate a blast from the past. Find a writing machine and imitate that you are a famous writer. Find an old VHS or music plates and you will be the queens and kinds on the 90’s.

Garden photo booth

If your party is not somewhere in nature you can recreate it with living plants for a backdrop. ofere is no bad photo if the backdrop is made by green plants. The green colour lets people to be highlighted no matter what clothes they are wearing. That’s why if you add some white chairs in front of plants you will have amazing images.


Frames and photo booths.

One photo booth will be incomplete if frames are not part of it. Frames can make one image to look like an image in an image in the image. An amazing effect which allows you to focus on the important part of the photo. Another great idea for group photo booth photos is everyone to have his own frame. It is like few worlds are crashing into each other.

Singapore International Schools Fees

Singapore International Schools Fees
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Being expat in Singapore is tough enough and finding the best school is adding stress. Singapore is constantly developing the country and more people are surprised by the prices. Average year salary in Singapore is $58,000 but average expenses are $4,000 per month. Having the opportunity to live and work in Singapore is a dream for a lot of people but it comes with some decisions. One of the most important ones is where children should continue their education. Of course, it is easy if you move to Singapore at the beginning of the school year but unfortunately, this is rare luck. That’s why in Singapore international schools have admission during the whole year. The only one disadvantage is international school fees in Singapore – they are higher because better buildings and learning environments need bigger funding. Actually, you can check for yourself GEMs international school fee structure.

Differences in international school fees in Singapore.

Before we discuss how international schools are different from each other, let’s pay attention why they are similar. We already have mentioned that they have admissions all the time. International schools are able to secure safe environment where children of expats to feel friendship and acceptance. This is extremely important because social groups form child’s consciousness. If the child feels alone and surrounded by new unfriendly people, he won’t have the best learning conditions. Best learning environment includes many buildings, sports centres, and thematic rooms. Expensive tools and games keep children interested in different activities and sports. In addition, international schools can afford to pay for more experienced teachers and educators. Actually, working in international schools as a teacher is preferred by many but only the best manage to be hired.

Singapore International School Fees Comparison

Usually, the language of instruction is the English language because official language in Singapore is English. For example, one international school in Singapore has a language of instruction Chinese and English and its yearly fee is $26,964. Hollandse School Singapore has a language of instruction for Dutch with yearly fee $18,940. As part of international schools, there is a French international school with a fee of $20,200 per year.

Some schools are suitable for children between 2 and 12 years old, while others are for children between 2 and 18 years. It all depends on the international school. For example, there two German international schools in Singapore with German language schools are suitable for children at different ages. German international school fees are different, too – $15,000 and $22,000.

If you are interested in Asian international school, as Korean one – the annual fee is $7,200. In Korean International school in Singapore, the language of instruction is Korean, only. In Japanese International school, the language of instructions is only Japanese, too.

Undoubtedly, in Singapore, English International schools are the most.

All of them have a language of instruction English language. If your child has some troubles with it he or she could participate additional English classes. Their fees are between $20,000 and $40,000 so expats can choose the most suitable offer. Although, fees are annual there are some things that might not be included in them, like transport and some additional taxes. Transport could be a big expense so choosing an international school should be pursuant, too. The best way to understand all fees and taxes is to ask in the school. Another great idea is to walk around school facilities and try to feel if your child will feel calm there. Children who are making friends easily will adapt easier but for the rest, there is adapting period. Parents should choose the best for their children.

How drawing for kids could improve their writing skills

How drawing for kids could improve their writing skills
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Children drawings are way more important than we think. Do you remember how happy you were when you saw your child’s first drawing? Parents usually hang them on the fridge and show them to the whole family. Drawings are first attempts of children to communicate. In their first years, they still don’t have the ability to express themselves with many words. They see things and try to recreate them – drawing gives them a chance to do it. Singapore preschools are not like international schools. Those are places, where children paint all the time and there is a reason about that. Children can’t wait to express their impressions on the paper with oils, pens and even fingers.


Evolution of drawing for kids?

When children go to school, drawing got second place in their agenda. All Singapore teachers and educators explain how important are writing and reading. If you do your writing and reading then you can go and draw something. This is the one way to look at things. Another way is to consider drawing as equal to writing. Both activities can develop each other but this takes time and certain efforts, of course. Writing is not an evolution of drawing. Data shows that children who draw more have better writing and vocabulary skills. This can improve child’s vocabulary thanks to an explanation what is in the picture. Children try to find the best word and to express their imagination. This is a way better than just reading a vocabulary and repeat or rewrite words.

Who should draw?

All children have to draw not because they have talent and should become next Monet but because drawing will help them write. Next time when your child asks you is it possible to draw before write, let him. The drawing will focus your child’s mind on the hand movement. There is nothing more important than the ability of children to concentrate easily. Data shows that people, who are fond of painting, have longer time concentration. As you may know, this is the perfect formula for success. Don’t stop your children from expressing their emotions no matter they will not make masterpieces drawing.

Misconceptions about drawing for kids.

Most Singaporeans consider drawing for kids as not enough serious activity, well, they are wrong! Most people think that if you can’t draw, you will never learn. This is completely wrong and people should know that drawing is teachable. If you give diligence to one activity, you will have 100% success. Children around 8 or 9 years start to consider their drawings as stupid and not good enough because the imitate adults. As you may notice, adults have some really strong limitations for good and bad picture. In order to free from this limitations, the kid should be brave enough to risk. In Muzart Singapore there are 3 levels of foundation art classes for drawing focusing exactly on this. Most kids stop to draw at this age. But the rest of them save their creativity and braveness their whole life.

Logically, children, who are brave enough they manage to have better academic results and life that is more successful. We are not talking about impatience and irresponsible courage; we are discussing fast decision-making ability based on confidence. Braveness is equal to confidence in a daily life.

Drawing for kids can give you all these things and many more. Don’t hesitate to sign your children to drawing class, we promise you that it will have a good effect on their whole behaviour and even future.