What shoes are good for flat feet kid?

What shoes are good for flat feet kid?
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If you open an online shop for apparel, you will notice that kid’s shoes are in the fashion category. We consider this as a mistake of the modern world because kid’s shoes have to be first healthy and comfortable and then fashionable. Often neglected, kid’s shoes are responsible for a child’s posture and gait and having bad shoes in a stage of rapid growth could cause some severe health issues and be the reason for seeing an orthopaedic doctor for kids. When we are toddlers, our bones grow extremely fast, so proper bone structure is extremely important.

Parents used to focus on beauty, colours, design than comfort and ergonomics while choosing shoes for their kids. It is not a secret, that a big part of kids has flat feet and they experience pain while walking and running. That’s why choosing the best shoes for flat feet kid should be a serious activity, not a fashion run. The correct shoe width and size can ensure proper development of the feet.

How to find out that your child has flat feet?

Listen to your successor and if you notice, he is complaining of feet pain often than other children better check how his longitudinal arches are developing. Leg pain is not something normal for children at an early age so you should pay attention. Have in mind, until 6 years all kids have flat arches that’s why possible troubles can be found after this age. Another obvious symptom of flat feet is common stumbling of the child. Posture is the next thing that can change because of the wrong gait. Bad posture might also cause back pain so check that too. If you want to find what type are your child’s feet ask him or her to step in water. Then the kid should step on a dry surface and make few steps. The footprints will show if the kid has flat feet.

set of flat foot, high arch


What are the perfect shoes for flat feet children?

If you find out that your child has flat feet don’t panic. A big percentage of children have it so it is not a seldom health condition. What you should do – book an appointment with an orthopedist and he will recommend you suitable treatment for your child. You have to buy orthopaedic shoes or shoes that are comfortable and correcting your child’s gait. It might be a challenge to find the best but you have to do that.

We have gathered characteristics of good child’s shoes so keep reading.

Shoes have to be not too wide nor too narrow because they will change the way your kid step. Imagine what is it to walk the whole day with shoes that are too tight. The most important thing about shoes for flat feet children is arch support. Arch support makes sure that the pressure from the body weight doesn’t transfer on the child’s legs and back. Good supportive shoes will distribute the pressure evenly. In addition, they will support the ankle, too.

Choosing the right size of the shoe is not easy but if you have to choose between bigger and smaller, choose bigger. Otherwise, the kid might get serious corns and blisters and even alter the growth. An additional piece of advice is to leave a little more space in front of the toes. Have in mind, that child’s feet growth fast and you probably have to buy a new pair every 6 months.

The correct size is not enough for one pair of shoes to be the best. It is necessary to have adequate support for the heel. Heels have this unusual shape because they have to withstand enormous quantity of pressure. Having a substantial and comfortable sole is essential. Stability comes from the sole. If the feet are stable, the posture is stable, too. Most orthopaedic shoes have orthotics in them. Later child might wear orthotics with another pair of shoes.

The last thing you should know about choosing shoes for flat feet kid is that shoelaces give better support. If you have an opportunity to choose between velcro and shoelaces, always choose the second option.

The right shoes will give your child proper alignment and pain relief. He will be able to run faster and walk easily so you don’t have to make compromises. Have in mind that reducing the stress in the feet will reduce the stress in the whole bone structure.

Slipped disk natural treatments

Slipped disk natural treatments
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Back pain is not a stranger for most people. In the USA data shows that 31 million people have a complaint from back pain during last 5 years. You can imagine how serious this problem is. Today, we work longer hours and pay less attention to our posture and back exercises. Most women work for their thin waist and booty but they forget back exercises. In reality, the back is more important than other body parts because it is included in almost every move. We lift things thanks to our back, bend, sit, walk, etc. According to the specialists we consulted with over at GaiaGuides, back pain is often is a symptom of a slipped disk so behind the innocent pain there can be some serious malformation. If you are experiencing back pain while you are reading this article, you probably should check some back pain treatments including a slipped disk surgery. We know how bad it is when pain prevents you from doing your daily activities.

Do you know exactly what means slipped disk?

Human back is made of bones and between them, there is a material that cushions their moving. These bones are called vertebrae and cushions are called disks. Spinal disks are from soft material otherwise they would not be able to soften the back twisting and folding. Every disk is in capsule and if the capsule is damaged the jelly gets out. Of course, nature not supposed to be damaged and disk snuggles nerve – nerve sends a signal to the brain and pain comes. The reason for one slipped disk might vary from wrong twisting to some serious trauma in the back area. Obesity and ageing could be reasons, too.

How does it feel like?

You may feel pain in the waist, lower back, neck and even in the legs. Yes, legs suffer because herniated disk put a pressure on nerves and one of the nerves could reach legs. If you feel tingling in the back area or numbing probably the reason is in a slipped disk, too. Pain from the arms to the legs is a sign for a herniated disk, too. Unfortunately, most people don’t book an appointment for X-ray until it is too late. Other options are MRI scan and CT scan, of course, there are natural methods that people can try before asking for a surgery. Treatments that are more famous include anti-inflammatories pills, steroid injections, exercising and resting. The last measure for treating slipped disk is a surgery in Singapore.

If you choose to ignore the pain and the reason for it then we have to warn you it can lead to more serious health conditions, like nerve damage, lose blade control. In addition, painkillers might provoke muscle disorders and kidney failure.

What are natural methods for treating slipped disk?

  • It may sound surprising but walking will be the first thing that we’ll talk about. Most people think that slipped disks occur because of too much activity but the reality is exactly the opposite. If you are walking at least 20 minutes every day then you should be sure that slipped disk will not come to your front door.
  • Rest is the second thing on our list. Although, people should exercise and move they have to rest, too. We don’t mean sleep the whole day but changing posture and not staying in the same position for too long, even while you are sleeping. Between moving and resting people who experience back pain has to find the balance between both things. In addition, it is not recommendable to sleep on a too soft mattress.
  • Physiotherapy can be a good option if you already have slipped disk, a professional physiotherapist might relieve the pain with several exercises. Of course, results depend on how much damage nerves exist. If you perform exercises at home, you will notice a significant improvement in a week or two.
  • Oils are magical and if you don’t have essential oils at your home it is finally time to find. Massage with oils will provoke better blood circulation and will rejuvenate the skin cells. It is a great resting method so it is not only for your body but for your soul, too.
  • Acupuncture is a technique that aims to save you from the pain with the help of needles. This procedure shouldn’t be applied to people with high blood pressure and pregnant women.
  • Diet is another thing that will help you to maintain a healthy life. Eating everything that your body needs and drinking water will ensure your body proper functioning.


If we sum up everything, you should eat healthily, exercise regularly, drink water, wear flat shoes because heels are not your back’s friends, and stay in the right posture even while you are sleeping.



When is slipped disk surgery inevitable?


Most people look for doctor’s help when the pain becomes too strong. If you can’t stand the pain and it prevents your normal, daily activities you need a consultation. Of course, it might be something else because the back has too many nerves and bones but you have to be sure. Your doctor will estimate your situation and will tell you if you need a slipped disk surgery or just some resting.

The English reading lesson in the past

The English reading lesson in the past
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Education 50 years ago was different from it is today. Not only children perceive things differently but educators have to have a different approach to children in order to gain the best results. You will witness all this when you compare your reading class with the English reading class of your child. We promise you that you will see the differences immediately.

English reading lessons in the past

The teacher explains the letters, syllables, and children listen to the pronunciation. Then they repeat after the teacher and start to form words with them. The process is slow and children need time to remember all the syllables. When they remember most of the words, they start to read simple stories with already familiar words. Gradually they become more confident and the teacher gives them longer stories with more words. I suppose everyone remembers a time when his classmates have alternated to read passages. It was a very boring experience. Most children fell asleep while this was happening. Amazing, right? English reading lessons in the past were so fun that children took a nap meanwhile.

English reading class today

In Singapore, for example, the English language is an official language so kids use it at school. There are other official languages in Singapore, so many children are not fluent in the English language which is why parents sign them for English reading classes like the ones you can find at www.myenglish.com.sg, in order to give them an equal start in school and to not feel like they are behind other kids who had some formal education prior to that. And that’s how most parents realize that the old system has almost nothing in common with the modern reading lessons programmes.

What is the modern the English language reading class in Singapore?

First, children get familiar with all sounds and their different pronunciation. The teacher explains to them what is phonetic and how phonetic awareness can help them read better. Actually, the central thing in a modern reading method is phonemic awareness. Children get used to associating sounds with words and in this way they are able to read words they have never seen before. Although some words have to be remembered, this method is not about remembering but comprehension how sounds and phonetics work.

The reading class in the form we know it today is a way better foundation for writing lessons. You may know, reading and writing skills could determine how much your kid will love school. Next few years, he or she might go to school with happy or sad expression and first impressions are the most important.

What are the best reading activities?

Children love games so the English reading class is all about games. Pronunciation and decoding words are easy when children compete with each other. Another great method is using images of certain objects and kids have to recognize them, rhyme them or think about the opposite word. Provoking different discussions in class is another method that is the favourite for most children. Exchanging books and reading challenges are suitable for older kids. In addition, they can hunt words in interesting books and then explain their meaning. For younger children, games are simpler and more connected with phonetics, than with widening vocabulary. Children can draw different words on a piece of paper or sound like different animals when they find them in a text.

The English lessons today are not only funnier but children learn to read faster. The functional difference comes from the understanding phonics and avoiding the need of memorizing words to know how to read and pronounce them.


Jui Residence

Jui Residence
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Jui residence is a project in Singapore. It is situated next to Serangoon Road and the main investor is Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) – a developer. In the beginning, many developers bid for the land but Selangor Dredging Berhad wins the bidding. The original idea was the land to be transformed from industrial to residential. This plan can be estimated easily and the building will have 117 freehold units. The location of Jui Residence makes it tempting for customers because it is on Kallang river cost and very close to the centre.

Which road is close to Jui Residence?

Serangoon Road passes through Jui Residence. This road is single direction and it goes to Buangkok Drive. His beginning is in Selegie Road and it calls main Serangoon Road, while the upper part is called Upper Serangoon Road. If you want to reach North Eastern Part of Singapore Serangoon Road is your way. Soon this road will be connected to Woodsville Interchange and it will be a convenient way to travel around the city.

What was this place before Jui Residence?

National Aerated Water Company owned this land before Selangor Dredging Berhad wins the bidding. They produced soda drinks so the building was an industrial one. Most people still remember Kickapoo and delicious Sinalco, so they remember the old factory, too. The building was bottling factory until 1990 when the production stopped and the factory closed its doors. Selangor Dredging Berhad has paid around $785 psf ppr. Thanks to Kallang River this building has a gorgeous view and this will raise the price more. In the centre of the city, it is a gift to have a beautiful view.

Soda pops were famous among people in Singapore and the building has its own style. Today, it is still art-deco-styled building with its own charisma. Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is an organization that pays attention to building heritage, and they insist on preserving the main building of the factory. Selangor Dredging Berhad embraces the idea and starts planning how to combine Jui Residences project in the Boon Keng area with the historical heritage. The plan lets the structure of the Jui Residence not be limited by a fence or a wall so that people who wish to visit the old factory can do so seamlessly.

What can you find in the area?

Jui Residence has a perfect location. Nearby you can find The Venue Shopping Center, Saint Andrew’s Junior College, Cedar Girl’s Secondary School, Central Expressway (CTE), etc. In addition, Jui Residence has clubhouse, indoor gym, guard house, tennis court, children playground and swimming pool. If you walk around the area you will find many commercial shops, like Moonstone Lane and Ruby Lane. Population in the area is raising and shops and restaurants follow the growth.

Jui Residence price and location are perfect for a married couple who are looking for a calm place near to the city centre and schools. Jui residence condos offer a luxury experience in a historical area and people can use the great building for a great living. There will be open showflat for visiting for without any additional charge. If you are interested in Jui Residence condo consultant agents will be expecting you in the showflat to give you information and answers to all your questions. Jui Residence is in district 12 so you probably know how lively it is. Investors who are ready to use their money in Singapore city can find Jui Residence as an interesting offer because compared to other buildings in the area this project has its unique benefits and reasonable price. Real estate market needed a good property as Jui Residence.


What is alkaline water filter?

What is alkaline water filter?
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People pay a lot of attention to alkaline water last few years. There are reports that it helps fighting cancer and even obesity. However, the market is full of different machines and systems that offer to make alkaline water for you and your family. We will look deeper into alkaline filter systems that are offered in Singapore because we notice that increased consumption should be justified.

Why does alkaline water become so popular?

People want to live healthier, but they sadly don’t have time to pay attention to every little detail in their food and drinks. That’s why the market will benefit every single time when providing something that saves time and it is healthy and easy to reach. The reach to water has always been a delicate topic for people especially when the need of clear water is urgent. Alkaline water is more than clear water offered with easy access. It is ionized water that helps our pH balance to stay above 5.0 pH. Anything above 5 pH is considered as alkaline and you may be surprised but a lot of bad things happens in our bodies if we have acidic environment all the time. Every pH under 5pH is considered as acidic. In order to avoid the unpleasant effect of fast food, polluted air, bacteria and infections, people try to alkaline their water and to change their pH balance. What is easier than using a filtration system, which filters tap water from the sink. We will explain the filtration levels and you will know what you need before browsing the web to order one for yourself and your family.



What are the filters?

Usually, there are 4 filters that make the magic. The first one is called Sediment filter and helps water to be cleaned and separated from big particles. In other words, it helps sanitization and divides unpleasant particles from the pure water. This helps a lot in places where sanitization is not a good one. Fortunately, Singapore is lucky to have a good sanitation water system so you shouldn’t worry about that. The second filtration is called Ultra Filtration Membrane Filter. It is a film that has pores big 0.01 microns so almost nothing can’t go through it. The second filter aims to stop different impurities and microbes not to enter through the system. Of course, the water is tastier without them. The third filter is the most important one for alkalization – Anti Oxidant Filter. The name explains everything, right? A special part, bioceramic part, works its magic and divides the water into atoms and eventually, we drink them charged with alkaline pH. Our metabolism is thankful, and we are happy enough to tell a good word to our friends for alkaline water. The last filter is Pre-Carbon Filter. It has a special assignment to remove all natural chemicals, like pesticides, chlorine, and herbicides. Carbon has the ability to absorb substances so it is a good addition to alkaline water filter system.

Alkaline dispensers and water filtration systems are easy to find in Singapore. You have to pay attention to the quality only, Triplelifestyle.com.sg offers one of the best alkaline water filter system. If you read carefully information about filters, you will be able to recognize the quality alkaline water filters from the rest. However, if you need some vital improvement in your life find this system that is installed under the sink and change your life for good. Alkaline water will energize your body and mind so easy that you will not be able to realize how you live without it until now.

How to choose hair loss centre in Singapore?

How to choose hair loss centre in Singapore?
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Hair loss in Singapore is a major problem among people of a certain age. People are desperate to have a gorgeous hair, and they constantly look for proper treatments. Most Asian people own thin hair predisposed to easy damage. That’s why in Singapore are situated one of the best hair centres in the world. There are no many countries who are able to praise this type of proficiency in hair cosmetic and procedures. People all over the world, travel to Singapore to fix their hair loss problem and here is the list of top 5 of hair loss centres in Singapore: https://sgbeautyblog.com/top-hair-loss-centres-singapore/. They give back positive feedback to their friends and family and you may know, people listen to their friends and family most.

In marketing and advertising, there is saying that there is no point in advertising if your friends hate a certain product, you will never use it. This is the ultimate truth and it is valid for all cosmetic centres and hair transplantation. If one patient is not satisfied with hair treatment he will never recommend it to his friends. In contrary, he will start to complain and his friends will tell their friends that this hair centre is a bad one. That is how marketing from mouth-to-mouth works.

What should have one good hair centre?

First, extremely important hair centre to have satisfied clients. If you don’t spot many of them, better try to find another one. Secondly, every good hair loss centre should have some online activity. There is no matter what type of online activity if it is a good website or a social media profiles – they should have an online presence. Don’t trust everything you see online, though. There are many fake news and opinions so read carefully. You know, how easy is to connect and communicate with someone if he is active on the web, it is the same with hair centres.

Every good hair centre should participate in famous cosmetic and medical seminars and meetings. You can easily check this if you search the name of the hair centre combined with the name of the seminar. Another important thing is people who worked there. Check their previous experience and education. As you may know, hair centres offer hair transplantation procedure, which is medical treatment and has to be provided by a specialist. In this treatment, a dermatologist graft hair follicles in your balding areas. Some of them fall down in a month but some stay. How many of them will stay attached define how successful the procedure was. However, this is not the outcome of this treatment – real results come after a year when your own hair start growing thanks to grafting. Here are some simple tips to follow to prevent hair loss by changing your habits.

How many procedures should one hair centre provide?

This is another thing, you should pay attention to. If you find a hair centre where they provide only one treatment probably they are or highly specialized in it, or they just get their certificate. One good hair centre should have a diversity of procedures without too many of them. Imagine a hair centre with 100 treatments offered – this sounds impossible, right? That’s why you should find a place where they provided no more than 20 procedures and you will be sure that all of them are good ones.

Different laser treatments for acne scars

Different laser treatments for acne scars
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Acne is bad, but acne scarring is even worse and can make your life miserable. People who don’t have the luck to have a good skin have to cope with inflammation and redness all the time. In the end, they acquire nothing but holes in their skin and lifelong experience. Acne vulgaris is the type that causes the worst scarring. Modern medicine has some progress but sometimes only one treatment is not enough and patients should combine several. Although we want to tell you about all of them, we know that people can pay attention a limited time only that is why we are going to focus on laser treatment for acne scar first.


What are different laser treatments?

They help a lot with pimple scar removal except for ice pick scars. Laser treatments for acne scars like the examples on acneaidsolution.com cannot do much for this special type. Ablative lasers are special lasers that evaporate tissue to 60um depth. This means that laser destroys skin and provokes an answer from your organism. This answer is stimulation of collagen production. The wavelength of the ablative lasers is 10.600nm. For comparison, Diode laser, which is a non-ablative laser, has a 1450nm wavelength. Non-ablative lasers have a huge benefit – reduce side effects. For example, ablative lasers could cause hyperpigmentation, infections, and additional scarring. If you went to pimple scar removal treatment and went out of the dermatologist with more scars, it would be a disaster, right? That’s why non-ablative lasers are gathering popularity fast. They use infrared wavelengths that manage to penetrate deep into the skin while cools the upper layers. The damage that non-ablative laser causes is for good – it provokes dermal remodelling. The downside is that this type of laser works slowly. Patients need more repetitions but the results are better quality. In addition, there is almost no chance for pigmentary complications.

What is FP Laser treatment for acne scars?

This treatment is a significant one. It has accomplished amazing results with a new technology. The laser damages the skin, as making microscopic wounds. These wounds provoke a wound-healing response but the upper layer of the skin stays untouched. Imagine chemical peeling and its effect on the epidermis, with this particular treatment this downside is avoided. This treatment is able to help people with ice pick scars, too. The best thing, though, is healing time. Ablative laser treatment for acne scars takes 2 weeks for the skin to fully heal comparing to FP laser treatment, which takes 24 hours only.

What is Pinpoint irradiation technique?

This treatment causes microscopic wounds, too. It causes fast skin rejuvenation and the patient can see better results in next week. Dermatologists use small needles to create wounds and that’s why antibiotic cream is needed after the procedure to avoid the risk of infection. A big advantage is that hyperpigmentation can’t occur and the patients shouldn’t worry about that.

Pimple scar removal in Singapore is a popular procedure. Although Asian people have good skin if you aren’t lucky enough then the struggle is harder to catch up. In Singapore, there are many cosmetic studios and medical centres that will offer you a good treatment at a good price. If you need a professional procedure, you should choose wisely. An experienced dermatologist will explain all possible risks and will answer all your questions so don’t be afraid to ask and seek more information. And the most important thing, don’t forget that to have a good skin you should take care of it eve

Stomach liposuction in Singapore- abs that I am dreaming for

Stomach liposuction in Singapore- abs that I am dreaming for
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I am an average 40 years woman and I already have 2 kids. I am not planning to have more so today I will tell you what I have decided for my body. My youngest son is 9 years old. When he went to school first year I had a plenty time for myself. I have been decided to exercise regularly and to achieve abs that I have been always dreaming of.

Do you know how hard is to achieve tight abdominal area?

Extremely! I had a regime and a trainer. My weight was 30 kilos less but I still needed some improvements. I have tried dieting less meat, then I have tried to eat only meat and skip carbs. Eventually, final results were OK, but they weren’t fascinated. I wanted more. Unfortunately, we have fat that is stubborn, and we can’t remove it no matter what we do. That’s why I have started to look for a way out of this situation. I had a goal and I wanted to achieve it. My abs were waiting for me to reveal them.

What abdominals are made of?

The biggest muscle from abdominals is external abdominal. It is thin and broad. The fibres are vertically distributed because this muscle has to work a lot during the day. Every patient who has recovered from stomach liposuction knows how hard is to stand or to move if your abs are suppressed by swelling. Every flexion forces all muscles to work together in the stomach area. Imagine that every time you reach for your glass on the table, your abs are working. You don’t feel that but it is happening. However, these moves are happening no matter if your abs are visible or are under the fat tissue.

The rest of my story.

Imagine me, so desperate that didn’t want to diet anymore, didn’t want to exercise – if it is not effective, you start losing hope. That’s why I woke up one morning and tell myself that I am going to have stomach liposuction. After that, I discussed it with my husband and found a clinic in Singapore. I don’t know if you are familiar with this topic but Singapore is like a paradise for people who want to have a plastic surgery. Singapore is famous not only with clinics but with surgeons who have international experience, like Dr Samuel Ho. He was my stomach liposuction surgeon, and he was extremely polite and caregiving.



My stomach liposuction in Singapore.

For the procedure, I can’t tell you a lot because I didn’t see what was happening but I will tell you how I felt after the surgery. I had a little swelling. Dr Samuel Ho assured me that swelling could be more terrifying, and I was lucky. Later one lady of his team told me that he was really careful to use little cannulas in order to minimize swelling and bruising after the procedure. I didn’t manage to walk around in Singapore because I have to lie down for e few days but next time when I visit this beautiful country I will add some sightseeing in agenda. However, my recovery was not so bad because they took extremely good care of me in the clinic. Of course, it was little painful because the swelling was suppressing the abs but in a 2, 3 weeks everything was as usual. So listen to my advice, go and get your tight abs.

Health screening in Singapore – full list

Health screening in Singapore – full list
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Why is it so important to have a regular health screening tests?

Valuing life is not something you should neglect. If you stop for a second and see that the health is what is priceless today, then words like health screening would be repeated twice often.

A human body is a complex organism and it has a lot of systems, that should work together. Sometimes symptoms are obvious and people could easily find out what is it. Sometimes, people don’t have this luck and although they have symptoms even doctors can’t find the reason for just a simple examination. No matter how experienced is one doctor, he will want to see some test before giving a prescription or giving diagnose. Health screening tests are created for people, who don’t want to reach this point when symptoms occur, and they have to seek a reason. Health screening in Singapore tests includes a wide range of tests showing the whole body condition. Read more about health screening tests that you really need on doctorxdentist.com.

Today, we are lucky to have more medicines and vaccines, not only in Singapore but also all over the world. That’s why only serious diseases left to cope with them. Unfortunately, most of them are silent and don’t have any symptoms so nothing but test can’t determine if one person is completely healthy, or he should take care of his condition. Health screening helps people to have better control of their lives.

What does one health screening include?

The doctor will ask you about your medical history. It is important to know what are diseases that you have suffered and when. Imagine that you didn’t have smallpox and your children have it now. Your doctor should know everything including your parents’ health history. Parents give us over some diseases, not on purpose. Our parents determine what diseases and illnesses we are predisposed.

Next thing included in health screening in Singapore is a physical examination. This is not as bad as it sounds. Usually, specialists checked your vision, hearing, and nose. If they spot something wrong then the examination is more complicated but the first one is not.

X-Ray is needed if the doctor has some doubts about lung disease or pneumonia. Comparing to Electrocardiogram, X-Ray is not mandatory. Heart diseases are something else. Most heart diseases are hiding cleverly so they are hard to find. Unfortunately, many people die from heart disease without symptoms. Treadmill Stress ECG is a specific form of test, that is able to detect coronary heart diseases and a heart condition.

Multiphasic Blood Tests is next thing that should not be neglected. Our blood is connecting all our organs, and if something is wrong somewhere, blood will “know”. A blood test will show anaemia, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and etc.

Next thing, included in health screening test is Urinalysis. Kidneys are a big part of body functioning and non-functioning of one or both can cause a lot of troubles and even death.

Ultrasonic Examination is the last but really important test. People are examined with a special machine that can spot abnormalities in organs. People who have doubts that their liver, pancreas, biliary system, or gallbladder, are having a tough time should have this ultrasonic examination for good.



In Singapore, there are many clinics and laboratories where a full health screening is available.

At different places, different tests are included but the foundation is the same. If you need some additional tests have to share it with your doctor, and he will add it to the list.

Do you think you know everything about credit cards?

Do you think you know everything about credit cards?
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How many credit cards do you have?

In Singapore, for last 5 years, people who have at least one credit card have multiplied three times. This number is huge. Still, some people are not perfectly clear what credit cards exactly are. What benefits and payments are? Visa is sponsoring the most famous credit cards worldwide since 1977.

Do you know how exactly sponsors and banks in Singapore profit from people who are using credit cards?

First, every credit has an interest rate, so they win it. In Turkey, people don’t use interest rate for money payments because they don’t believe it is right. However, all over the world, the price of money is an interest rate. When you are spending money that you don’t actually have then you will pay an interest rate. Another profit for sponsors and banks are annual fees. Comparing to debit cards, credit cards have higher annual fees.  If we sum up all the people who pay them we will notice that this amount is a huge one. The last profit comes from merchants. Banks are charging them small percent because they have the ability to use credit card payments. This percent is small – between 1% and 2%. In addition, last payments have higher taxes so it is plus one profit.

What is so special about credit cards in Singapore?

They are highly secured with different features – magnetic stripe, account number, signature panel, etc. The most obvious protection is the account number. If you want to pay with a credit card, an account number is what you need the most. The account number is well protected by the length of the number – MasterCard has 20 digits, Visa has 13. If you want to guess what one number is, sorry to disappoint you, it is impossible – 10 trillion possibilities are.

Next thing is a signature panel where the owner of the card, should write down its own signature. This way, when he signed some receipts, the signature should be the same. This is not very popular protection because most merchants don’t compare signatures. However, in Singapore, there are credit cards with protection against deleting that signature. A white spot will appear and it will be obvious that the credit card was stolen. Finty Singapore has very well structured credit card comparison website, where you can apply for it instantly.

Magnetic stripe proves that the card is a real one. This mechanism is about trustworthiness not about possession. Magnetic cards save information about expiration date but not a personal information.

What is next in credit card structure?

Innovations in technology never end, so we should expect more and more miracles. Although the price of producing one credit card is not very high, there are still some aspects, which will need improvements. So in the future, they will become cheaper for sure. In addition, magnetic stripes will save more and more information Soon it will be completely impossible for someone to duplicate your credit card or to download some information of it. Today, there is still a chance for this type of crime and it is not as safe as you think. Another prediction is that personal credit cards will bring with them information about our preferences and shopping history, as search engines do it today. Another thing we should expect is that credit card will have worldwide acceptance and if you travel from Singapore to Europe, for example, you will be able to withdraw money and shop seamlessly.