You will be fascinated with how good I am at knowing everything. The purpose of this blog is exactly that – knowing everything about cosmetic, plastic surgeries, and beauty tricks among other topics. We are a 5 people team, and we are ready to give you the latest updates.

Changing the way you look should not be a taboo topic today. People should be responsible for their appearance and feeling OK in your skin should not be a privilege reserved only for some people. Health issues are another thing we will be discussing here. Actually, we will not set limits on our content so you will find topics and posts that are interesting and will provoke your curiosity. Have in mind that although we are a team we can’t publish 100 posts every day. We will choose the best topics and will share them to you. Living in Singapore is something special, and we should appreciate it daily. That’s why we will discuss a lot of things about Singapore and the way of life here.